Let’s make the world a better place, greener and cleaner !

Reduce combustion! 

Double your green energy output!

You can significantly improve the MSW-treatment environmentally and even double the green energy output by using the WABIO®  MSW-Concept!



Don't pollute!

Save the planet and make profit!

In many countries harvesting times often goes together with black skies. WABIO® shows you how to generate clearer and cleaner skies by avoiding straw burning in favor of highly profitable renewable energy production! 


Straw Burning?

Sewage Sludge is a pain for every city/community!

Avoid the high efforts for drying and the high cost of sewage sludge disposal by using WABIO® technology to turn it into big amounts of renewable green energy – making the disposal green and profitable!


Sewage Sludge?

Improve your biogas plant performance and double your profits!

Upgrade your existing classical biogas plant above 1 MWel. by adding the WABIO®Retrofit technology and double your profits!


Retrofit -


Resulting from experience and research efforts over 30 years we do almost any process step in our WABIO® anaerobe digestion process different to others. The result as a consequence is a superior performance in biogas production from almost any organic input material regarding the quantity as well as the quality and the environmental aspects of biogas production!


The most outstanding biogas technology! 

Using special WABIO® technology for Monofermentation of any kind of waste straw and other harvest residues (husk, shells, etc.) and generate high amounts of profitable renewable energy!


Higher return per hectare?

Use your straw or any other agricultural waste!


WABIO®’s unique biotechnological solutions and smart utilization capability of feedstocks especially with high concentrations of lignocellulose and proteins

are the base of our engineering services. 

Engineereing design

Engineering design

Our unique and proprietary process-technology solutions combined with our deep knowledge of bacteriological processes enable us to develop custom-designed plants for any type of organic input material even at the remotest locations.

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Turn-key services 

WABIO® delivers plants on a turn-key basis, handover only after successful commissioning and in running operation.


Modular solution

Having many professional customers with own construction departments WABIO® offers the whole range of engineering and design services from solely the engineering/design package including supervision and successful commissioning to full turn-key supply or anything in between.

Project development

Based on 30 years experience we  identify and develop the most efficient and best solutions for our Customers/Investors regarding technology concept, type, size, location and profitability of a WABIO® plant.

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Black Soil


& Development

For more than 30 years WABIO® has developed process solutions based on a strong research and development team in its own lab, which is familiar with almost any type of biological substrate. As a result WABIO® is able to utilize any type of organic waste input for a high efficient biogas production.

Tropical Leaves







Implementation and development start of R&D

First patent

First pilot plant

Second pilot plant

Construction of company own plant of 1 MWel. size, operation for 23 years

Development of a line of 20 plants for public utility provider

The world's 1st combined Bioethanol & Biogas biorefinery 4MWel


Start of journey in Asia


30 MWth. construction start of the world’s biggest Biogas plant based on corn- and rice straw only


30 plus years of technology development and experience!


Vast experience! 200 plus types of organic waste materials 

positively lab-tested for use as input material!

Tank Volumes  15,000 m³ +

Size matters! Tank volumes built up to giant sizes of more than 15.000 m³ and still ensure a permanent trouble-free operation, less wear&tear and smaller footprint!

1MW - 30MW +

Replacing fossil fuel power plants? The plant size is never a question. With WABIO® technology we can build very small to very big intelligent plants. 


No limits in size!


Every mistake leads to improvement - 23 years of own operational experience on own WABIO® bioenergy plant!

Turn-key Solution
  • Customized individual solutions

  • Industrially proven

  • Innovative biogas technology 

  • Unique biotechnological treatment

  • In-house engineering design

  • On-site and online monitoring

2-7 Years

Looking for high profits on long term basis? Very fast ROI due to high efficiency of the WABIO® plant!

No. 1
  • Highest biogas yields!

  • Highest environmental protection!

  • Highest efficiency!

High Output for Sale
  • Biogas/biomethane

  • Energy/electricity

  • Heat/cooling

  • Organic NPKS fertilizer

  • Cellulosic bioethanol

  • Technical CO2, Dry Ice

  • Carbon credits

  • And more





City waste - MSW solutions

Working together with highly reputed partners supplying thermal waste treatment plants WABIO® is able to offer a unique solution, which increases the renewable green energy output sometimes by more than double compared to using an RDF to energy plant only. The combination of a WABIO® waste to energy plant using all the organics of the collected MSW, recycling as much as possible and combusting the residual non-organic and not recyclable waste leads to an economical result,  which makes MSW very profitable, sometimes without even needing tipping fees for the accepted waste. 

Retrofit of Biogas plants

The unique efficiency of the WABIO® digestion system is able to produce almost the same energy output from the digestate of the classical biogas plant as the classical biogas plant itself from the original input feedstock! 

By installing an additional WABIO® biogas plant the profitability will be increased by magnitude, as the second WABIO® plant of the same size practically has no input material cost, which is the highest cost when operating biogas plants.

Agricultural companies, livestock breeding

Whether feedstock or livestock, from wood waste to straw to poultry manure - any type of agricultural waste can be digested by way of mono-fermentation or certainly co-fermentation together with many other substrates.

Having also developed the know-how to control ammonia/nitrogen WABIO® is able to digest highly effective chicken and poultry waste as well as chicken litter including the bedding material like straw,  wood-chips or sawdust, as mono-fermentation, which does not have to be diluted with other input material.

Food processing companies, meat and fish industry

Knowing how to handle the ammonia/nitrogen issue WABIO® is able to perform mono-fermentation using any fish and meat waste, which can also be the ideal solution for the meat- and fish food production industry to generate their process energy using only their own waste.


Anyway, any organic waste from food production can be digested highly effective in WABIO® AD (anaerobic digestion) systems.

Water treatment –
sewage sludge treatment 

The disposal of sewage sludge is a headache for any municipality. Either it is dried and combusted by any means – like in cement kilns or in separate dryers – or it is dried and landfilled or whatever, in any case it is a costly problem. WABIO® is able to resolve that by using the sewage sludge as it comes from the waste water treatment plant before drying into its unique anaerobic digestion system and produces high amounts of biogas as green energy - thus reducing any carbon footprint and generating additional income and not expense from the treatment process.

Breweries & distilleries

The spent grain (thick slop) consisting of mainly lignocellulosic residues (husk/shells) from the grain being used for beer production or high-grade alcohol distillation is the ideal input feedstock for the WABIO® AD system. With the high WABIO® biogas yields from lignocellulosic input, the process energy for the brewery/distillery can be produced, the carbon footprint can be reduced and profitable downstream business can be established to enlarge the value chain by using the own waste. Moreover, the traditionally to farmers disposed of spent grain can be replaced by the highly nutritious organic fertilizer being the byproduct of the WABIO® fermentation. 

Carbon reduction – carbon credits

Using WABIO® technology and its high energy output carbon credits become very important as they can be a significant source of income. A WABIO® bioenergy plant produces large amounts of renewable energy and thus the anyway high profitability will be further highly increased if carbon credits can be made use of. 

Looking at climate change it is to assume that the carbon price will rise over time significantly. This will lead to a great value increase for WABIO® plants as they avoid significantly more carbon than traditional biogas plants.



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